Empty Cartridge Program

By sending your empty Toner and ink cartridges to us you insure proper recycling of your cartridges, keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfills. We will remanufacture the empty cartridges, saving 2-3 quarts of oil per cartridge per use, as well as reuse and properly recycle internal component.

Please keep in mind that certain makes and models may not be remanufactured by Laser Save and therefore may not be needed. Also, at any given time we may or may not have the capabilities of accepting certain makes and models depending on inventories or obsolescence of the product.

Once we receive your cartridges you will have the option of receiving a check or making a donation to a charity such as Child Help USA. http://www.childhelp.org/

Child Help USA supports a range of anti-abuse programs nationally, including treatment facilities, foster-care and group homes, family violence prevention, telephone hotlines, children's advocacy centers, adult survivor programs and legislative activism. We invite you to work with us to protect our nation's children by helping to support this wonderful organization.

If you have any questions please call or email us.

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