1. Will using non-manufacturer toner cartridges void my warranty?
  2. Absolutely Not! The Federal Government, under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act/Magnusson – Moss, specifically outlaws what is considered a tie in contract. Manufacturers make most of their money from the supply area, not the hardware and they are just trying to protect their revenue stream. Recent Supreme Court decisions further support this position.

  3. Will non-manufacturer cartridges ruin my printer?
  4. The basic answer is no! LASER SAVE has provided ten’s of thousand of toner cartridges since 1988, and our manufacturer authorized technicians have serviced just as many printers. We have seen no noticeable difference in printer life based on the type of cartridge used. Just make sure you use a reputable company, such as LASER SAVE. Ask your provider if they subscribe to ASTM standards (see ASTM information) and ask them to provide documentation.

  5. What is the difference between remanufactured, recycled, generics, compatible cartridges or other names used to identify non-manufacturer (OEM) products?
  6. In the pure sense, there is no difference other then the terminology or semantics. It is more closely aligned with generic drugs verses the branded drug. All are designed to perform equally as well, but unlike drugs, which are overseen by the government, toner cartridges are not and performance can be radically different. That is why it is important to only deal with reputable companies that have years of experience, a proven track record and adhere to such criteria as put forth under the ASTM standards and the F1856 criteria.

  7. Will a compatible cartridge perform as well as the original?
  8. Yes, providing you buy them from a reputable manufacturer that adheres to recognized industry standards for quality manufacturing procedures and stands behind their products. Many will even out perform the original.

  9. Do manufacturers recommend the use of alternative products?
  10. No! They would prefer that you buy only their products. Manufacturers make considerably more money on the consumables then on the hardware. That is why they will sell the hardware at ridiculously low prices as a means of enticing you to buy their supplies. How many times have you seen the cost of the supplies being more then buying a new printer?

  11. How do I know if my empty cartridge can be remanufactured?
  12. Approximately 80% of the laser printer cartridges can be remanufactured and that number grows on a daily basis. If you are uncertain, just call us.

  13. How long can I store a toner cartridge?
  14. All toner cartridges have a “shelf life” which is typically 1-1 ˝ years depending on how they are stored. The cooler the storage area is, the longer the shelf life.

  15. How many times can a toner cartridge be remanufactured?
  16. Companies will remanufacture their cartridges to different standards. LASER SAVE replaces all wear components on a regular basis so the cartridge housing can be reused numerous times without a noticeable difference in quality.

  17. Do you offer volume discounts or government pricing?
  18. Yes. Laser Save offers volume discounts, GSA Federal and Department of Defense EMALL pricing. Contact customer service (link) for details.

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